Women in Logistics and Transport

WiLAT or Women in Logistics and Transport, is the International Women’s 
Group at the Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport. The first 
WiLAT chapter was founded in 2010 by a group of female Institute 
members under Aisha Ali Ibrahim of CILT Nigeria. During the 2012 
CILT Annual Convention in the UK, the importance of the WiLAT 
message was recognised and the Institute committed to replicating 
its good works and experiences across the world.

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How is WiLAT Organised

WiLAT is organised into national chapters and 
led by a Global Convenor who sits on the CILT 
International Management Committee. The 
Global Convenor, aided by the Global Advisor, is 
responsible for the growth and development of 
WiLAT internationally and for co-ordinating the 
annual global conference. The Global Convenor 
is supported by Regional Co-ordinators who 
organise and drive forward the WiLAT agenda 
regionally, promoting the interests of women 
and encouraging membership. Country 
Chairpersons work with and on behalf of 
women at the local level, organising events, 
providing support and networking

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What is WiLAT's Mission?

To promote the status of 
women in logistics and transport, 
to bring together those who 
support talent and career 
development of women and to 
provide a support network and 
mentoring opportunities for 
women in the sector.